North Dakota Dreamin' Fainting Goats


A Waiting List for 2019 Kids has been started. 

If you would like to be on it, please let us know!



Breeding Pairs for 2019 kids will be as follows : 

(Subject to Change)

(Click on the 2019 Breeding Pairs tab for pictures.)

Nitro will be bred to:



Jigsaw will be bred to:





 Party will be bred to:




Percy will be bred to:




For Sale

Does: $300 and up

Bucks: $250 and up

Wethers/Pet Quality Does: $175

(Prices depend on Confirmation, Pedigree, Coat Color, and Eye Color and are subject to change without notice.)


(Dam and Sire's pictures can be found on the Doe and Buck pages of the Photo Gallery, and on the Breeding Pairs page.)

Additional Pictures available upon request. 

For Sale

Nothing for sale  at this time!




(Please Read)

If you are on our Waiting List for a kid, please be patient.  We will contact you as soon as possible when we get to your name on our list.  Please respond within 24 hours of hearing from us.  If we don't hear from you within that time period, the next person on the list will be contacted.

We reserve the right to refuse to sell a goat to anyone for any reason. Our goats are not sold for meat. We will not sell just one goat to someone that doesn't have any goats at home. They are herd animals and won't thrive without a friend. Even two goats make up a herd!  Bucks should be separated from Does, except when you are breeding them.  A single Buck OR Doe will get very lonely.  A Wether is an excellent companion for a Buck to have.  Please consider this when you buy a single Buck.  A discount will be given when buying multiple goats and for returning buyers.

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to hold a goat. We will refund your money if anything should happen to the goat on our property before you pick it up. We will hold the goat for one week on a verbal commitment. If we do not receive the 50% deposit within that one week, we will put the goat up for sale again. The balance, paid in cash, is due the day you pick up the goat. No goats will leave our farm unless the balance is paid in full.  A Boarding Fee of $1/day will be charged if the goat(s) are picked up after the agreed upon pick up date.

Babies will get their first CD/T Shot and booster and they will have been de-wormed and had their hooves trimmed before leaving our farm. They will also be disbudded, unless a request is received to the contrary by the buyer. Bucklings are harder to disbud and we do not guarantee the results. Bucklings bought as wethers will be banded before leaving our farm. 

An information packet will go home with each buyer that contains information for New Goat Owners, a sheet that shows the dates that vaccinations and wormers were given to each goat and a small amount of the feed that they are presently eating.

NEW IN 2018:  All bucklings and doelings of breeding quality will be registered with the Myotonic Goat Registry (MGR).  We will register the kids at no cost to the buyer.  The buyer, however, will be responsible for transferring the goats into their name in addition to any other costs (such as Breeder Fees) that may occur with transferring them.  The buyer may pick their own name for the animals. In the Spring, the MGR is very busy with Registrations.  In the likely event that we do not get the registration papers back before you pick up your goats, we will send the pedigree and appropriate transfer papers to you asap.  Pet quality doelings will not be registered or sold as such.  If desired, Wethers will be sent home with registration applications, but we will not register them ourselves.  However, if they are registered, they will be required to be registered under the North Dakota Dreamin' Fainters name.

We will have a simple contract for you to sign before leaving our farm. Once you have signed that contract and left our farm, we are no longer responsible for that animal.

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