North Dakota Dreamin' Fainting Goats


2018 Kids

Montgomery and Tallahasee.  Born February 13th (Gretel and Party Graw's Twins)

Madison and Lincoln.  Born February 13th (Tess and Nitro's Twins)

Little Rock, Boston, and Topeka.  Born February 14th (Star and Jigsaw's Triplets)

Helena.  Born February 14th. (Cassie and Party Graw's Single)

Raleigh, Juneau, and Phoenix.  Born February 14th. (Gwen and Nitro's Triplets)

Annapolis and Columbia.  Born February 16th.  (Lacey and Party Graw's Twins)
Jackson and Honolulu.  Born February 16th (Shirley and Party Graw's Twins)
Nashville, Sacramento, and Trenton.  Born February 18th (Laverne and Party Graw's Triplets)
Cheyenne and Santa Fe.  Born February 19th (Lucy and Nitro's Twins)
Denver.  Born February 21st (Ethel and Nitro's Single)
Salem and St. Paul.  Born March 5th (Cutie Pie and Jigsaw's Twins)
2017 Kids

Elvis, P!nk, and Bono.  Born February 7th (Lacey and Party Graw's Triplets)
Ozzy,Tina Turner, and Cher.  Born February 7th (Tess and Nitro's Triplets)
Cyndi Lauper, Janis Joplin, Bon Jovi.  Born February 9th (Lucy and Nitro's Triplets)
Sheena Easton, Joan Jett, and Sting.  Born February 10th (Star and Crown Royal's Triplets)
Captain and Tennille.  Born February 11th (Cassie and Crown Royal's Twins)
Mick Jagger, Stevie Nicks, and Prince.  Born February 11th (Cutie and Party Graw's Triplets)

Axl Rose and Ted Nugent.  Born February 11th (Ethel and Party Graw's Twins)

Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra. Born February 12th (Shirley and Crown Royal's Twins)
Ann and Nancy Wilson.  Born February 14th (Gretel and Party Graw's Twins)

Carly Simon.  Born February 16th (Clarissa and Nitro's Single)

Blondie, Pat Benatar, & Aretha Franklin.  Born March 8th (Gwen and Party Graw's Triplets)

2016 Kids
Peeps.  Born February 24th (Cassie and Nitro's Single)
Licorice and Jelly Bean.  Born February 25th (Ethel and Nitro's Twins)
Snickers.  Born February 25th (Gretel and Party's Single)
Lifesaver, Butterscotch and Baby Ruth. Born February 26th (Gwen and Gabe's Triplets)
Tootsie Roll, Rolo and Skor. Born February 26th  (Brownie and Crown Royal's Triplets)
Kit Kat and Oh, Henry!.  Born February 28th (Shirley and Crown Royal's Twins)
Heath and Hershey.  Born February 28th (Lacey and Party Graw's Twins)
Mr. Goodbar, Taffy and Twix.  Born February 29th (Lucy and Nitro's Triplets)
Pez, Reese's and Cadbury. Born March 20th (Tess and Nitro's Triplets)

2015 Kids

Windsor, Kessler and Rumchata.  Born March 2nd (Lucy's Triplets)


Samuel Adams and Tippy Cow.  Born March 3rd (Brownie's Twins)


Crown Royal and Malibu.  Born March 7th (Gwen's Twins)

Jameson, Korbel and Bailey.  Born March 8th (Tess's Triplets)

 Mojito.  Born March 9th (Shirley's Single)

Sangria.  Born March 14th (Gretel's Single)

Skyy and Kahlua.  Born March 15th (Lacey's Twins)

Paula and Petey.  Born May 29th (Ethel's Twins)



2014 Kids                                                                                                                                            

Cupcake, Twinkie and Zinger.  Born March 9th. (Lucy's Triplets)


Sugar and Spice.  Born March 11th.  (Tess's Twins)

Betty and Veronica.  Born March 13th (Ethel's Twins)

Mary and Rhoda.  Born March 13th (Gretel's Twins)


Mad Max.  Born March 15th (Lacey's Single)

2013 Kids  


Bonnie and Clyde.  Born April 4th. (Ethel's Twins)

 Ginger and Cinnamon.  Born April 5th. (Lucy's Twins)


Laverne and Shirley.  Born April 8th.  (Tess's Twins).


2012 Kids

 Cagney & Lacey.  Born March 25th. (Louise's Twins)

 Hansel & Gretel.  Born April 11th. (Thelma's Twins)

2011 Kids

 Lucy and Ethel. Born May 18th. (Tess's twins)


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